Mark your calendars, “American Horror Story: Cult” has a premiere date

Good news! We don’t have to wait too much longer for the premiere of American Horror Story: Cult.

Posting to social media, the AHS account shared a short (and super creepy!!) video with the clowns circling the lady clown who has the blue hair in the middle. It’s actually pretty mesmerizing to watch, but that’s not the main thing to focus on right now. The video also reveals the premiere date, so get your calendars ready:

For Tuesday, September 5th.

This is a slight departure, since American Horror Story usually airs on Wednesday nights. So, go ahead and start mentally preparing your hearts and minds since this means there’s a possibility you could be watching NBC’s This Is Us and FX’s AHS back to back, and already that’s too much to handle. So many conflicting emotions.

This date is also a little odd because it is the earliest AHS has ever premiered. For the first few seasons, the show always premiered in October; Season 6 bowed in September, but middle of September. Cult’s going to hit our television screens first week of September and will run for 11 episodes — and with this setup, Episode 9 is set to air on Halloween, with everything (presumably) finishing up on November 14th.

Now’s the perfect time to clear everything off of those Tuesdays, and don’t even think about making plans. You’ve got a date with a, uh, clown cult?