“American Horror Story” just released three insanely cryptic teases, and they are giving us major chills

The next season of American Horror Story is only a few months away — September 14th, to be exact — and right now, we know absolutely nothing about it. It’s maybe going to be about babies, IDK. There’s been a big question mark right next to a big number 6, and maybe this is just the plot of Season 6. Question mark.


Before we start figuring everything out, we’re going to find ourselves way more confused, and also freaked out. Earlier today, strange and cryptic teasers started appearing across the internet (via Snapchat) for Season 6. They’re ten seconds long, and are hella intense. Now imagine an entire SEASON like this.

So far, there are three teasers out there. One, shows a farm house out in the middle of an empty field, and the chimney is smoking a lot — it also forms the number six. We’d like to speculate that this house is very haunted, but like, come on, this is AHS, of course it is haunted.

The second teaser shows a baby crib and a mobile. Once again, we’ve got a question mark and a six. Also, a giant knife that a mysterious green-ish hand with long fingernails grabs. Oh boy.

Lastly, we’ve got what is undoubtedly the most frightening tease. It shows a little kid running down the stairs, but as they run, HANDS REACH OUT AND TRY TO GRAB THEM. Have fun walking downstairs later today, everyone!!

Right now, there’s a good theory out there that this season is actually returning back to its roots, AKA Season 1, Murder House. Knowing that “children” are involved somehow, might this season focus on the baby of Vivien and Tate, Michel? You know, the demon baby. Any way that all of this (???????) might tie back to him?

We’re just going to have to wait and find out. Hopefully everything will start to make sense, and soon. We’re already very nervous.