American Horror Story is finally doing the Murder House and Coven crossover — and it’s happening this season

In the words of Madison Montgomery, “Surprise, bitch.” Because once again, American Horror Story is pulling the rug right out from underneath us, but this time it’s not a spook or a scare, or even an un-dead version of Evan Peters. Know how a while back Mr. Ryan Murphy started teasing a mysterious ~crossover~ season of the series, one that would combine Season 1’s Murder House and Season 3’s Coven?

If it sounds too good to be true, well, guess what? It’s not too good to be true, and it’s happening way sooner than you think. While Murphy had always been pretty coy about the idea of a true crossover, and never really gave any indication as to when it would happen (let alone what season), he’s just dropped some major AHS intel on us: The crossover is happening this season — as in the season that’s going to premiere later this year. 

As you are probably well aware, all AHS seasons are somehow intertwined with one another, whether it be via actual characters, storylines, locations, or Sarah Paulson playing multiple versions of herself. Tiny crossovers have been teased since the very beginning, but now Murphy is bringing this idea front and center and it sounds like it’s all going to have to do with witches. Yes, please. false

Earlier this year, Murphy teased that this season would be set in the future, and by “future” he means roughly 18 months from now. Okay, sure. While the season isn’t slated to land until this fall (aka September, as Murphy states) his tweet announcing the crossover confirms that the series is going back to basics, and we can continue to pretend like Season 7’s Cult never even happened. Hooray!

With this news we can start speculating over just WHO is coming back for Season 8. Peters and Paulson are already back onboard, since they are the reigning supremes of AHS. As for some other supremes, Murphy has teased that Lady Gaga might come back for the crossover, since she was the OG supreme in Roanoke (remember Roanoke?). Also, cross your fingers that some other witches pop up, like idk, Jessica Lange, Emma Roberts, and since we’re talking Murder House too…Connie Britton?

We can dream. AHS: WITCHES! (not the real title, don’t quote me on that) will air on FX in September.