“American Horror Story” is turning into “American Crime Story” for its season finale

Finally, we’re at the end of the Roanoke road. Next week marks the end of American Horror Story Season 6, Roanoke, and oh boy what a fun trip this has been! Most of the time, nothing made sense. Even when it started to make sense, it soon quickly made no sense. This season has been like three different seasons in one, and once again, for its finale, American Horror Story is throwing us another twist. Are you ready?

The preview for “Chapter 10” is out, and it shows a completely departure from what we’ve already seen. There are no talking heads and there’s no Roanoke MurdeR House. Just…Lee, a court room, and Sarah Paulson trying to figure out the TRUTH.

What is this, American Crime Story?


As we learned in “Chapter 9,” Lee is the sole survivor of “Return to Roanoke,” and as Ryan Murphy teased a week ago, Pauson will once again play her Season 2 character, Lana Winters.

Earlier this season, it was teased that Episodes 1-5 will be one thing, and then Episodes 6-9 will be something else, and then Episode 10 will be entirely different. Judging from this preview, that is correct. This is a whole new path for Roanoke, one that is taking us into the courtroom for Lee’s trial (but for WHAT? Mason’s murder? Killing Monet, and by association, Audrey, too??).

Clearly, AHS isn’t done with twists for this season. Only one more episode until we finally learn, once and for all, what the heck is is going on with Roanoke.