We just noticed something terribly chilling about the *real* Butcher on “American Horror Story”

This season of American Horror Story has been a downright nightmare…a Roanoke Nightmare (see what I did there?). Not only is it actually terrifying, but it’s introduced us to some of the series’ more terrorizing and violent characters. First, there was The faux-Butcher, then there was the Pig Man, and now there’s the IRL Butcher. Introduced at the end of “Chapter 7,” we watched her kill the faux-Butcher (in between our fingers because this was very intense). And if you weren’t paying attention to this scene (aka, hiding from it), you probably missed this chilling fact about the *real* Butcher.


Though we only saw her quickly, and she looked straight out of a colonial America nightmare, the Butcher has moved right to the top of our “Most Frightening” list. And now check out her hands:

(Oh, also, warning because this is graphic, but also this is like the *least* graphic of the most graphic stuff)


Um. What. Stop, hold on, are those pig hoofs?

It appears as if, yes, The Butcher doesn’t have regular hands with five fingers, but instead, hooves. Out of all the things we’ve seen this season, this might actually be the most twisted.

It’s also very hard to see her hooves clearly, since the scene is so dark (and tbh, don’t want to re-watch it a bunch of times, you know?) so it sort of looks like The Butcher actually has the hooves tied to her arms. So she’s got arms, and then an arm extension, with hooves. This just keeps getting weirder and weirder.

There’s still a lot of mystery surrounding the Pig Man himself, and now add to the fact that The Butcher appears to be like, super into pigs herself, we honestly don’t know what to think. We also need to know how The Butcher can wield a meat cleaver with a pig hoof, but you know what we’ll save that for another day.