A third actor has just joined “American Horror Story” Season 7, and all we can say is WHOA

Just like last season, American Horror Story Season 7 is going to be shrouded in secrecy, but a few things have slipped out so far. For starters, the theme will be the ~2016 Election~ (still no idea what that means!!) and both Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson are confirmed to be starring in the anthology series again. And now, we’ve got one more thing, and this is pretty great: A third actor has signed on, and we did not see this one coming.

While Ryan Murphy likes to use the same actors over and over again (not that we’re complaining) a new face is joining the ranks. Get ready for American Horror Story: Billy on the Street.

?Not a drill. Billy Eichner is joining the cast of AHS: Season 7 ?

According to Deadline, Billy has joined the cast in a recurring role, and will be in six of the 11 episodes of the season (OH, also to note, ? AHS season 7 will have 11 episodes ?). While details about his character are top secret, just like everything else, sources suggest he will “playing a close confidant of Paulson’s character.” 

Sarah Paulson + Billy Eichner = DREAM TEAM.

There’s another small tidbit about his role too, and it’s that Billy’s character will be “mostly will be wearing mysterious tank tops” whatever the heck that means.

In very un-Billy fashion, he isn’t even tweet-screaming about this from the rooftops, but he did have a quick exchange with his BFF, Robin Taylor Lord (Gotham’s The Penguin) about his new part.

For a dollar, how excited are you about Billy on American Horror Story?