We now know the name of the American Hogwarts

Drumroll, please, because this is the most exciting information to come out of the Wizarding World so far in 2016. The name of the American version of Hogwarts has finally been revealed, and it’s amazing. Are you ready for this? Because it’s about to rock your world.

The American version of Hogwarts is called…Ilvermorny.

The Harry Potter Celebration is currently happening at the Wizarding World at Universal Studios Florida, in Orlando, Florida, which means that there’s no better time to make a huge HP announcement. The wonderful Evanna Lynch, who you might know as Luna Lovegood, made the announcement herself (and pronounced it for us, too, and it’s ill-ver-more-ne).

Details about the school are still as scarce as a wand with a phoenix feather core, but, revealed on giant world map showing ALL the Wizarding Schools around the world, it appear as if Ilvermorney is in the Northeast Corner of the United States.

It looks to be in the Upstate New York-ish area, maybe even in Vermont or New Hampshire. As Lynch explained to the crowd, more details are forthcoming about the school, through both Pottermore and in the upcoming Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them. This is SO EXCITING.

However, now this means you’ve got two missed acceptance letters to be upset over. One for Hogwarts, and one for Ilvermorny. Maybe they do online classes? J.K. Rowling… do they? Please?

(Image via Warner Bros.)

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