If American Girl dolls were real, they would order flourless pancakes and women’s suffrage

In this hilarious video that shows us what it would be like if American Girl dolls were real, you get to meet Samantha, Molly, Addy, Felicity, Kirsten, and Kit. These ladies are just tickled to even be hanging out together, let alone eating in a modern restaurant that serves “flourless pancakes,” (which Felicity is very excited because it means she doesn’t have to pay the flour tax!). Featuring our very own Akilah Hughes, who plays Addy, we finally get to see how our favorite dolls would act like in real life. Let’s just say this video definitely doesn’t disappoint.

If you recall, American Girl dolls were the beating heart of our ’90s girlhood. Educational, friendly, and each coming with her own wardrobe, historical background, and personality, American Girl dolls were one of the most coveted toys a girl could have. My personal favorite was Molly, because she had glasses and I had glasses, so we were basically twins. Also, I’m pretty sure one of her accessories was a school desk, which I thought was just so rad.

American Girl dolls taught us so many things, like women’s (lack of) right to vote, the Civil War, the Great Depression, and why Cholera really sucks. They taught us the true meaning of friendship, acceptance, and compassion. They also taught us to save our allowance, because American Girl dolls did NOT come cheap.

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