‘American Girl Dolls: The Action Movie’: Why aren’t you real?

Do you ever hear about a movie that sounds SO GOOD you just want to watch it right now, and also for the rest of your life? Ugh, but then you learn it’s not actually a movie, and instead a Funny or Die parody. But listen, movie gods, if you’ve run out of ideas and need something else to make, please turn your attention to American Girl Dolls: The Action Movie. This needs to be in our lives like, yesterday.

Remember American Girl Dolls? How could you FORGET American Girl Dolls? Not the newly up-dated ones which are the ‘Girls of Today,’ but the OG dolls, including Molly, Kirsten, Samantha, and Addy? The dolls were so perfect, sometimes mom would be like, “this doll is so perfect (and expensive), please don’t play with it too much, OK?” Sure mom, but we all played with them way too much anyway. And now, just like many toys of yesteryear, they’re getting their own action movie—OK, action movie parody trailer—and Kirsten is hiding dynamite in her Santa Lucia crown. That little detail was not covered in Meet Kirsten.

Featuring Anna Chlumsky as Kirsten, Amber Stevens as Addy, and Chelsea Kane as a shade-throwing Kit, check out the whole Funny or Die video below (with a few NSFW words) and just wait till you meet their action-movie nemesis: Barbie.

American Girl Dolls: The Action Movie with Anna Chlumsky from Funny Or Die

(Images via Funny or Die, AmericanGirlWikia)

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