This student’s photo is not allowed in her school’s yearbook for a controversial reason

Yearbooks are supposed to be a way to remember the school year and high-school moments, but over the past year, we’ve seen plenty of yearbook photos gone wrong. . .  including a teen mom’s page being deleted, a racist yearbook photo, and Photoshopped senior pictures. And now, a student’s photo isn’t even allowed in her high school yearbook. As a result, it’s dividing the residents of Foxborough, Massachusetts into two camps.

Foxborough High School senior Morgan Truax had her portrait done not only because of her senior status, but because of her work at the Red Wing Diner. “I wanted to honor Morgan in the yearbook and we took out a page to say congrats for all the hard work,” Red Wing Diner owner Liam Murphy told FOX 25 late last week.

There was just one problem. The patriotic snapshot showed Morgan standing not only in front of the American flag. . . but on the flag. “The photo showed the United States flag hanging on a wall with the lower portion lying on the floor and the student standing on the flag,” the school told FOX 25. “We do not view standing on the US Flag as respectful or appropriate.”

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