American Eagle’s denim hijab sold out in just two weeks, and we can see why!

To our excitement, and probably the amazement of the entire fashion industry, American Eagle created and sold denim hijabs. The hijabs launched earlier this month, and they sold like hotcakes! Yep — the hijabs sold out in a mere two weeks. It just goes to show you what can happen when inclusivity is part and parcel to a sturdy marketing plan.

In fact, American Eagle smartly created a series of ads featuring Muslim model Halima Aden wearing the $19.95 denim hijab. They posted the untouched photo on their Instagram. And the internet loved it.

Only one word comes to mind — stunning.

The smiling model looks effortless, classic, and jubilant in her denim hijab. No wonder so many people loved this glowing American Eagle ad.

We’re also pretty taken with Halima Aden.

According to Teen Vogue, Halima became the first hijab-wearing model to sign to IMG Models, a mega modeling agency. She made her runway debut in the Yeezy Season 5 show this past season, wearing a floor-length fur and a hijab (duh!).

She’s also been featured on the covers of CR Fashion Book and Allure.

In a video for Vogue Arabia, Halima talks about why it’s so important for companies to show “unconventional” models, and how it affects perceptions of beauty. She says:  

“Every little girl deserves to see a role model that’s dressed like her, resembles her, or even has the same characteristics as her. She then adds, “I think beauty is for everyone and I think everyone can look beautiful, you just have to be confident.

We feel a wonderful tinge in our heart. That’s powerful stuff right there. We couldn’t agree more. And it’s all kinds of great, because it’s coming from someone who is finding success for being herself. We applaud you, Halima. And we applaud American Eagle for creating the denim hijab.

We love what you’ve done. The only thing left to say is — keep it coming!

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