Sorry, “American Crime Story” fans — Season 2 just got seriously delayed

With its nine Emmy wins and two Golden Globes, The People v. O.J. Simpson was the hit of 2016 — which is why everyone was pretty shocked when FX announced on Thursday, January 12th that Season 2 of American Crime Story won’t premiere until 2018.

Damn. Whatever happened to striking while the true crime iron is hot?

At the Television Critics Association press tour in Pasadena, FX president John Landgraf dropped the news that, for logistic and creative reasons, the Hurricane Katrina-focused season had officially been delayed.

“We had developed People v. O.J. and we had material in really good shape ready to go,” he told members of the press. “We had scripts we were really excited about. We have really high ambitions for this. It’s about character and larger themes. It’s just taking time, frankly, to get material we’re happy with … Also, when you’re shooting in New Orleans, you have to worry about hurricanes. You can only shoot there during certain times of the year.”

However much of a bummer this is (and, oh yeah, it is) there’s a silver lining to American Crime Story: Katrina‘s delay — it means that Season 3 of Ryan Murphy’s hit series, which will chronicle the July 1997 assassination of Gianni Versace on the steps of his Miami Beach mansion by serial killer Andrew Cunanan, will air “within about six months” of the Katrina season.

Unlike Katrina, and much like O.J., which was developed from Jeffrey Toobin’s book The Run of His Life, the Versace season (tentatively titled Versace/Cunanan: American Crime Story) will be based on a book — Vulgar Favors, by Vanity Fair writer Maureen Orth. So when Landgraf attributes Katrina‘s delay to “material,” he likely means that Murphy and co. are going to be creating these stories from scratch rather than adapting them from a book, which, understandably, might take more time.

Lucky for us fans, American Crime Story writers have already proven themselves to be reliable, so we’re sure that Katrina — whenever it arrives — will be worth the wait. We just hope Murphy will find a way to get Lady Gaga cast as Donatella Versace, a role she was born to play, in the meantime. (He’s denying it now, but come on.)