Uh oh, “American Crime Story: Katrina” might *not* happen after all

We’ve been so busy obsessing over the buzz surrounding Ryan Murphy’s election-themed season of American Horror Story, but now it’s time to turn our attention to American Crime Story.

Last season’s The People v. O.J. Simpson was captivating, timely, and it raked in awards like it was nobody’s business, pulling in nine Emmys and two Golden Globes. The second season of the hugely popular crime drama was originally set to focus on the devastation surrounding New Orleans as a result of Hurricane Katrina. But, The Assassination of Gianni Versace was eventually bumped up to Season 2, with Katrina set for Season 3.

Now, we’re hearing that American Crime Story: Katrina may not happen at all, even after Versace airs.

So what’s going on? According to director Anthony Hemingway, who spoke with The Hollywood Reporterthe project is up in the air.

"That just kind of got stalled. We're all standing by waiting to find out what's happening," he said. "Nothing has really been done. We haven't started prep on it at all."

Many roles have already been cast in the series, including Dennis Quaid as former POTUS George W. Bush, Annette Bening as former Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco, and Matthew Broderick as former Federal Emergency Management Agency director Michael D. Brown. Despite the star-studded cast on board, Hemingway seems to be unsure of what will happen next.

"It's all up to Ryan Murphy."

THR reports that Katrina was delayed because Murphy prioritized Versace, and Katrina turned out to be more difficult to execute. A fourth season of American Crime Story is already slated (and rumored to be about the Monica Lewinsky scandal), so here’s hoping Katrina isn’t put on the back burner again.

Because, we really want to see American Crime Story: Katrina!