American Apparel is back, and we can tell you what’s different

Earlier this year we were mourning the death of American Apparel and racing to its online shop to grab a zip-up hoodie at 70% off. Turns out we freaked for nothing because American Apparel  is BACK! But with this one caveat.

American Apparel’s major draw when it was first created was that everything was made in the USA. 

Now, after being acquired by Canada’s Gildan Activewear Inc., the brand’s ethos is “globally sourced, ethically made, sweatshop free. That’s American Apparel.”

We did a quick browse of the new online shop and the clothes are exactly as we remember them, but at a slightly cheaper price point now that they outsource.


Clearly, the disco aesthetic is still alive and well.

If “Made in the USA” is important to you, they have eight standard pieces available in a “Made in USA” shop.


The language “globally made” is important in the relaunch. The site even features a section called, “Sweatshop Free Stories,” to highlight that the men and women they employ overseas.

“At American Apparel we’ve always believed in sweatshop free and ethical manufacturing. We’ve also always believed that border lines are pointless. Today we are spreading our beliefs one step further — globally giving more ethical jobs to more people around the world,” the site reads.

So, what’s the verdict? Are you heading to the store to purchase an iconic Tri-Blend Racerback Tank for $18, versus the $27 it used to be sold for?