This fan theory has figured out the theme of “American Horror Story” Season 6, and it’s a doozy

If you’re starting to feel like too much American Horror Story is a bad thing, you’re not alone. The FX anthology series has literally BOMBARDED us all over the last two weeks with different promos, teasers, and posters for the brand new season. It’s a lot. It’s been a lot to process. The only thing about this is that not all of these promos, teasers, and posters will directly relate to the theme of Season 6.

While we’re still no closer to figuring out the the theme ourselves (and we’re trying SO HARD), one AHS sleuth on the internet might have just actually figured out all the pieces of this giant AHS Season 6 puzzle. Settle in, because Reddit user HazyVision has a pretty convincing theory regarding the theme, and friends, they just might be right.

As you’re probably well aware, there are SIX different possible themes for Season 6 (and you can watch them all right here). It appears as if none of these trailers have anything in common, but actually, they do.

“Every single one of [the teasers] are related somehow with a lot of horror movies, like Nosferatu, Hellraiser, Suspiria, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and so on,” HazyVision writes. “But there’s one I can’t fully relate to any movie, and it’s [the teaser] “Wind Chimes.”

Pause to think about that for a second, because it’s true. If we were doing a “one of these things is not like the other,” the OTHER one would be “Wind Chimes.”

“The wind chimes aren’t made only of teeth, it has some sort of dolls made out of straw and the overall aspect of it looks [Native American]-like to me and they have this nurse with that huge hedge clippers, these two facts brought my attention to the facts we already have for season six: the history of the Roanoke Colony and a original idea for season one.”

Pause to talk about the OG idea for Season 1: Showrunner Ryan Murphy was originally going to have a character use trimming shears for a weapon, but scrapped this whole idea at the last second. However, the shears still made their way into the opening credits, and he’s since discussed that he’d be open to going back to this idea. Now that we’re seeing some shears again…Murphy might really be looking to reuse some old ideas.

There’s no such thing as a coincidence when it comes to AHS.

This theory about “Wind Chimes” being the actual theme actually does make sense. But still, if this is true, and this turns out to be the actual theme, WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN? WHAT IS THE ~THEME?~

We finally get some answers, and that leads to even more questions. Typical, AHS. Always keeping us on our toes.