America Ferrera’s post-workout Instagram is *so* us

You know when you have a super intense workout, and then are immediately filled with regret, because, um, ow, body parts seem to be aching that you didn’t even know you had?! And then, of course, by the time you get over your soreness, you pass out, like, ASAP. Because it was all too much. Luckily for us (but unluckily for her), America Ferrera knows our feels, and she’s right there with us.

America Ferrera’s post-workout Instagram literally is us any time we go to the gym.

But she’s also not trying to recover from a *typical* workout.

“FERRERA, OUT,” she captioned the photo. “Post-training nap could not wait. ??????#3weekstillTriathlon #aintnojoke #shitsgettingreal”

The gorgeous star is training for a triathlon, and holy crap, we’re impressed.

She’s been working her buns off, as is evidenced here.

“It’s Suck-it-up Sunday! Reeeeeeaaaaaallllyyyy wanted to stay in bed at 6am this morning,” she wrote. “But I new my team was waiting for me and I’m only 4 weeks away from Tri day! Life ain’t gonna slay itself!”

And this one.

“Team Ferrilliams gonna crush this Triathlon,” she captioned the photo. “The couple that Triathlons together, slays together.”

We’re not sure what that means for our current (and future) relationships, because there’s no way we’re going to attempt a triathlon. But we sure are proud of America!

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