America Ferrera is training for a triathalon, and we need her as a workout buddy

America Ferrera has been busy lately. She’s starring in Superstore on NBC. She recently produced the web series Gente-fied for Macro, a multimedia company. She also just spoke with Lena Dunham at the Democratic National Convention.

On top of all that, she’s training for a triathalon!

And she’s the workout buddy we’ve always dreamed of!

She knows that workouts are hard, and she does them anyway.

We love that she’s not pretending like it’s easy to wake up and do a crazy workout. She’s totally the kind of friend who could get us off of our butts and moving, without even noticing we were working out.

She’s not always graceful, and she owns it.

We’ve all been here – going so hard that we make a mistake and end up bloody.

She knows how to make workouts fun.

We will totally swim a couple hundred meters if we get an Insta this cute out of it.

She’s crazy motivated, and she knows how to reward herself!

Massages are the perfect post-workout reward. Although, we’d also take a donut!

You’re such a boss, America! We would run a triathalon with you!

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