America Ferrera’s hilariously embarrassing throwback photo actually makes us feel better

It’s Sunday. While most of us are still recovering from the past week, we’re starting to prepare our minds and emotions for the beginning of a new week tomorrow. We’re really hoping that next week isn’t as dramatic and terrible as this past week was. We’re ready to just have a chill week.

And we have a feeling you guys might feel the same way. We know America Ferrera definitely does.

Ferrera took to Instagram on Friday to post a hilariously embarrassing photo of herself dressed as a hot dog, clearly to make the rest of us feel OK about what life is currently throwing at us.

She wrote, "If you felt like a hot dog in a pile of garbage this week then Happy EFFING Friday to you! #fbf #dignifiedacting"

A hot dog in a pile of garbage is actually a perfect way of describing a crappy week — specifically, a week involving a deadly natural disaster and a political disaster.

The photo is from the set of an Ugly Betty season 4 episode when the hot dog and the bun (AKA Betty Suarez and Marc St. James) performed the brilliantly choreographed hot dog dance.

And because the song is so catchy, here are the lyrics:

"Eat me I'm a hot dog, and I'm a whole wheat bun. Now it's time to eat the greatest treat under the sun. Add a squirt of ketchup for a whole lot more fun. Eat me I'm a hot dog, eat me I'm a bun, eat uussssss."

You’re welcome. Have a good week!

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