America Ferrera is pregnant with her first child, and 2018 is off to a great start

Now that New Year’s Eve is over, it means one thing: It’s officially 2018. But the celebrating is far from over. We just found out some exciting news: America Ferrera is expecting her first child! The actress and her husband, Ryan Piers Williams, both posted the news on Instagram.

Holding up a onesie that reads, “Más besos (por favor),” Ferrera wrote, “We’re welcoming one more face to kiss in 2018! Wishing you #MásBesos in the New Year!” Awwww. What a perfect way to start the New Year. We’re so excited for Ferrera and Williams, and have no doubt they’ll be amazing parents.

Of course, we love watching Ferrera in Superstore. But no matter what the actress does, she’s a superstar to us. From supporting and standing with immigrants — Ferrera herself is the daughter of Honduran immigrants — to giving us a good dose of body positivity, she’s nothing short of inspirational. And the cast and crew of Superstore are superstars, too, as you may remember how they raised money for Hurricane Harvey victims back in the fall. No doubt, Ferrera will instill these humanitarian values into her future child too.

Speaking of which, here is Ferrera’s Instagram post announcing the news.

Williams shared the same pic, and added a bonus closeup of that adorable onesie.

Ferrera and Williams have been together for 12 years. They met back when Williams cast Ferrera in his student film at the University of Southern California, which looks like it proved to be a very good idea on many levels.

What a great way to welcome in the New Year. Congratulations!

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