America Ferrera just wore the most elegant leopard print dress we’ve ever seen

America Ferrera just slayed everyone with a new look and really, it’s time. That’s right, America Ferrera has taken leopard print dresses to a whole new level. At the Sundance Next Festival in Los Angeles, America came out in the most beautiful leopard print dress by designer Ulla Johnson. It isn’t the first time we’ve been obsessed with her style. From a beautiful dress that reminded us that a high neck can be beautiful to the best garden dress we’ve ever seen, she’s always fashion forward.

Now, we don’t just love America Ferrera for her fashion. She is also very open and outspoken about her stance on the rights for immigrants in this country.

Basically, we just love America and everything about her.

Now, before America, Lisa Rinna used to take the crown for wearing leopard print on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. But that reign has come to an end. Especially with how elegant America looked!

Just take a look.


The tea length, full skirt, and high neckline make leopard print look so prim and pretty. And can we talk about those shoes??

Let’s take a closer look at the print.


So cool!

The Superstore star also shared this gorgeous picture on her Instagram.

From an amazing hairdo and great fashion choices, everything about this picture has us head over heels. Also, her dog!

But really, when don’t we love something America does? Our precious Ugly Betty starlet has continued to shine bright and make us proud to be her fans.

And really, who wouldn’t love her when she posts pictures like this?

If you aren’t following America Ferrera on Instagram, you definitely should. Then you can see all her amazing looks and be as obsessed with her as we are.

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