America Ferrera’s Instagram of mourning reminds us that we are not alone — never alone

Yesterday was a heartbreaking day for millions of men and women across the United States, as Donald Trump was officially named the next President of the United States. From the moment the projection was made, there was panic and initial sadness, but the grief set in as the day wore on. Actress and activist America Ferrera summed up that grief in one Instagram post.

Hillary Clinton officially conceded to Trump at 10:45 EST, with the most moving concession speech we’ve ever witnessed. Afterwards, her supporters had moved on from their initial sadness and simply felt a sense of grief that generally couples itself with death.

Ferrera likened the loss to that of someone dying:

Her caption said, “The grief comes in waves. As if someone I loved died. I’ve never felt this brand of sadness before. If you cried all day- you are not alone. We deserve to mourn. Patiently waiting for the sadness to transform into something more useful.”

In a time where so many feel despair, it’s so necessary to see the people we look up to feeling the same as us. Ferrera’s post reminds us that it’s okay to feel the pain and grief that this loss has brought on for so many. As one of Clinton’s most vocal supporters, and someone who spoke out against Trump early in his campaign, Ferrera’s pain of seeing the woman she tirelessly championed for lose the election is so valid. Her post reminds us that our feelings of despair are valid and we shouldn’t forget that so many others are feeling the same.

She ended the caption by saying that she’s waiting for sadness to transform into something more useful, which is also an important message for anyone feeling heartbroken over the loss. Ferrera is telling us that while it’s okay to feel the pain, when we’re ready, we have to stand up and take a stand in our beliefs.

We’re currently at a turning point in our nation, which is kind of scary. We’re so lucky to have women like Ferrera remind us that we’re all human and will feel pain, but we will rise above it when we’re ready.

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