America Ferrera and her husband are on the cutest vacation imaginable

One of our favorite couples, America Ferrera and husband Ryan Piers Williams are kicking off summer the right way — by embarking on a super fun, adventurous vacation thousands of miles away from home. Specifically, the couple has been vacationing in Iceland, and they seem to be having the time of their lives.

Ferrera has been taking us along on their journey via Instagram, and we’re feeling their vacation vibes. We pretty much can’t stop refreshing our feed, because Iceland is ridiculously gorgeous, and because Ferrera and Williams are the most fun ever. (Seriously, can we go on their next trip with them?)

The adorable lovebirds left for Iceland on Friday, and they even did their plane ride over the right way — by chowing down on some good ol’ American burgers (with gluten free buns, of course).

Ferrera posted a photo of the burgers, because #vacation. She wrote, “We’re those people on this flight. #cabinsmells #vacationmode #glutenfreebun ??”

Once in Iceland, the couple visited the Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa, which looks like the most incredible spa situation ever to exist. Just look at the ridiculously gorgeous Icelandic backdrop. Not a bad way to get acquainted with Iceland.

“Well, we had a nice run. #worthit #bluelagoon,” she wrote.

And here’s a video of the the two of them jumping on a bed inside of a bubble, set to Katy Perry’s song “Chained to the Rhythm.” We can’t tell if the bubble is a hotel room, or it’s just a cozy spot to relax. But either way, they’re for sure living their best bubble lives.

“We live here now. #buubble #Iceland”

More pics and more videos, please! We can’t get enough.

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