America Ferrera explains the difference between being bossy and being a BOSS

Chances are, if you’re a woman who happens to know her worth, you’ve been called bossy. While our male counterparts are often praised for their bold-headed attitude, women are often shunned for being too much, or for being too harsh with their demands. Who better to break down the “bossy” versus “boss” conundrum than girl boss America Ferrera?

In a segment with Jimmy Kimmel Live, America appears, talking about her newest television show Superstore, where she made her directorial debut on the episode that will be airing tonight. Our favorite moment on the segment is when Kimmel asks America if she’s bossy, which she replies with: “No, I would just say I’m a boss” — and damn right you are, America!

When Jimmy asks about the difference between being a boss and being bossy, America breaks it down saying the difference is:

"Being a woman. You get called a boss and I get called bossy, that's the difference. But now I'm saying I'm the boss."

And although Jimmy makes a joke about how no one thinks he’s the boss, the issue itself is a sexist microagresssion that women face constantly, especially in positions of power. Because it doesn’t matter if you’re actually someone’s boss, as soon as you act like it, you’re deemed “bossy.” This same double standard is seen in the way men are applauded for their sexual escapades while women are condemned for theirs.

We’re so thankful for America always speaking out. On behalf of womankind, thank you!

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