America Ferrera’s bomber jacket looks like something Tibby would wear in “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants”

America Ferrera is one of those celebrities who is always on your side. She campaigned across the country for Hilary Clinton last year. And just this weekend, Ferrera attended the Women’s March in Washington D.C. to protest Trump. Bottom line — she’s just a good person. Not only is Ferrera a good person, but she’s also a fashionable person, and both traits are extremely admirable.

Although we think Ferrera’s red embroidered bomber jacket might have been stolen from Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants’ character, Tibby’s, closet, it looks just as bomb (get it?) on Ferrera. The bold black and red would definitely go perfectly with Tibby’s edgy blue hair streaks, don’t you think?


Ferrera rocked this look at the Sundance Film Festival this week. Pairing her satin bomber jacket with a matching red, black, and white flannel definitely gave Ferrera that “yeah I’m late for second period, who cares?” look. The embroidered bobcat on the back adds a lot of attitude.


The bomber jacket is a huge trend right now. The more flamboyant the embroidery, the better, too. We have a few jackets you might want to try for yourself to add a little Tibby to your own wardrobe.

This ASOS reversible bomber is currently on sale for $95. It features a map of Japan on the back and comes in those signature America Ferrera colors.


Or you could try this Urban Outfitters bomber with a beautiful embroidered tiger on the back. This one, from the brand Silence + Noise, goes for $159.


And here’s one from American Eagle with quilted sleeves and floral embroidery. This jacket substitutes Ferrera’s black detailing for navy blue and goes for $89.95. 


Bombs away, shoppers! Get your hands on a beautiful embroidered bomber and rock it à la Tibby Rollins. Dress it up with some fishnets and combat boots, or sweeten it up with some lace and simple jeans. Bombers are the way of the future, friends.

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