America Ferrera wore the best garden dress we’ve seen so far this summer

As summer passes the halfway point to autumn, we’re left under the spell of floral-inspired frocks. We’ve seen maximalists in over-the-top blooms, minimalists in understated florals, and those whose looks hit the mark right in-between the two. Now, while we’re not one to choose favorites, we have to make an exception for America Ferrera, whose garden floral dress is the best we’ve seen this summer.

The Superstore actress and humanitarian stunned in a Lela Rose dress that featured colorful flowers and a checkered motif.


America wore the full-length dress to Politicon, where she talked on panels about resistance and Latinx issues. Of course, we’re clapping for her hard work and activism, but we’re also clapping for the fact that she recognizes that you can be a boss babe and *still* look good.

Take this dress for example. Notice its full sleeves and nipped waist alongside the silky accents and neutral base. The embroidered colorful flowers on this dress grow from the ground up into a whimsical medley of garden delights.

And since America pairs this look with matching coral-pink pumps, she amps up the energy of this dress even more.

This is *peak* garden dress.

While America keeps her makeup simple, opting for glowing skin and peachy lips, you could just as easily match your cheeks and lipstick to the punchy florals on this dress.


We love the subtle statement America makes in this design. Her flora-kissed frock will surely be inspiring our end-of-summer wardrobes.

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