Amelia on “Grey’s Anatomy” may be pregnant and we cannot deal

If Owen Hunt can’t be with Christina Yang (we’re still bitter, just leave us alone), we’re definitely warming to the idea of him with Amelia Shepherd. But it looks like things are about to get crazy — which is par for the course on Grey’s Anatomy. We should basically just expect that everything’s going to go off the rails at this point. This time, though, it seems like Shondaland’s hand is going to be a bit forced. We learned recently that Caterina Scorsone is pregnant, and we’re totally thrilled for her, obvi.

Now it looks like her real-life pregnancy is going to carry through to the show, and we’re totally buggin’.


Since, as mentioned, things on Grey’s Anatomy tend toward tragedy, we’re a little concerned any time it seems like somebody’s life is going in a positive direction, since it generally means imminent disaster. With Owen and Amelia’s wedding coming up, compiling a baby on that just seems like too much good to not end in fire and pain and us crying over a pint of ice cream.

In previews of the upcoming season, we see Amelia saying that she’s with child… but also that she hasn’t taken a pregnancy test. So like, we feel like this is a thing. But also maybe it’s not a thing? WHAT DOES IT MEAN?


Whatever is ACTUALLY the case, we’re totally dying to find out, and we’re really hoping that nothing goes wrong and everybody lives happily ever after and Amelia and Owen get their 2.5 kids and white picket fence and probably a dog but… somehow we think that’s not how it’s going to go down.

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