Amber Tamblyn’s first novel will have a very powerful subject matter

In what promises to be the double whammy of 2018, actress Amber Tamblyn will release her first noveland a book of poetry and prose, meaning she’s got a very busy2017 ahead of her.

Harper Perennial, an imprint of Harper Collins, made the announcement today on Twitter, saying the novel will be about “an amorphous serial rapist” and that it will “break ground on how we contemplate rape culture.” No small feat in a time of Brock TurnersNate Parkers, and presidential candidates who brag about grabbing women by their genitals.

Here’s the full announcement from the publisher:

And here are the powerful words Tamblyn used to describe her work:

We’ll definitely be reading both of these titles.

For the uninitiated, this isn’t Tamblyn’s first time at the writing rodeo. The actress released a book of poetry last year called Dark Sparkler that mostly explored the deaths of famous women such as Marilyn Monroe and Brittany Murphy (our reviewer loved it) and she published her first poem at age 12 (!!) in the San Francisco Chronicle.

One particular poem in the Dark Sparkler collection garnered quite a bit of attention primarily for its, well, lack of a poem. In the book about the fabled demises of Hollywood heroines, one page read simply “Lindsay Lohan.” No other words, just Lindsay’s name. While some saw the poem as a slight against Lohan, Tamblyn explained to Vulture,

"I did not put that in there to say, 'You’re next.' I put that in there to say, 'I am not going to do you what everyone else does,' which is write a poem about your life — which is not my life. I am not going to project onto your story. I am giving this back to you to write. This belongs to you."

If Tamblyn takes that kind of feminist approach with her next book — which we strongly suspect she will — it’s sure to grab headlines. We’ll be watching and waiting!