Amber Tamblyn wrote an incredibly powerful op-ed about harassment, abuse, and sexual assault

There are a lot of reasons to love Amber Tamblyn, but this is now at the top of the list. Yesterday, Tamblyn penned a powerful op-ed for The New York Times titled “I’m Done With Not Being Believed” about harassment, abuse, and sexual assaultTamblyn has opened up about sexual abuse before, and we applaud her for speaking up again.

Women are often accused of overreacting about harassment or lying about their experiences when it comes to, well, many things. It is major that she is brave enough to stand up for herself so publicly.

What sparked her decision to write the post? It began when she spoke up against actor James Woods’s hypocrisy online last week. Tamblyn, for the first time publicly, mentioned that Woods tried to pick her up when she was still a teenager. When Woods fired back and blatantly called her a liar, Tamblyn took to the page. But what she has to say goes well beyond this one interaction.

And her words will stay with us.

In the op-ed, Tamblyn tells a story of nervously approaching a producer to discuss discomfort she felt with a crew member. His response was shameful: He told her directly that there are two sides to every story.

"For women in America who come forward with stories of harassment, abuse and sexual assault, there are not two sides to every story, however noble that principle might seem. Women do not get to have a side. They get to have an interrogation."

Tamblyn says that when women come forward with these types of stories, they are often questioned to the point of scrutiny.

They may face harsh repercussions if they speak up, particularly against a man of any kind of stature. Unfortunately, most women have experienced some, if not many, forms of harassment. And all women understand the weight of speaking up about it.

"Every day, women across the country consider the risks. That is our day job and our night shift. We have a diploma in risk consideration. Consider that skirt. Consider that dark alley. Consider questioning your boss. Consider what your daughter will think of you."

Tamblyn, particularly since last year’s election, has been a huge pillar for feminism. In “I’m Done With Not Being Believed,” she’s still fighting for women’s rights.

Tamblyn is right. As women, we have to consider so much all at once for every action we take (or choose not to take), against harassment or even in general. It is so important to have influential women like Tamblyn put into words what so, so many women in America (and all over the world) feel constantly.

The more we speak up, the more we support one another.

The more we learn to listen to women and believe their words, the better off we will one day, hopefully, eventually be.

"We are learning that the more we open our mouths, the more we become a choir. And the more we are a choir, the more the tune is forced to change."

We thank Tamblyn for speaking up, and we know she will continue to do so.

Speaking out against injustice, supporting women, and believing our words — every step makes a difference.

Believe women.

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