Amber Tamblyn is starring in her first off-Broadway production, and where can we get tickets

If we know anything about Amber Tamblyn, it’s that she’s a multi-talented woman. She’s an activist, an actress, a poet, a mother, and a reliable friend. She’s expanding her horizons even more now — Amber is starring in her first off-Broadway production Can You Forgive Her? It’s a dark comedy by Gina Gionfriddo, and Amber is going to play the lead role Miranda, who is facing a whole lot of trouble in her life at the moment.

Can You Forgive Her? takes place on Halloween night, and Amber’s character Miranda is up to her neck in debt, grappling with feelings for her sugar daddy, and running from her date who has threatened to kill her. Amber sounds pretty excited about this new project — and we are, too!

"Y'all, sometimes you read a play by one of your favorite contemporary playwrights (Gina Gionfriddo) at one of your favorite theaters in New York City (Vineyard Theatre) that's so mind-blowingly good, you have to say yes, even though you just had a baby," Amber wrote.

“I am thrilled to be a part of this spectacular play directed by Peter Dubois, which runs May through June. Tickets on sale now, link in bio,” she continued. Previews of the play start on May 4 and it officially opens on May 23, and it will run until June 11. Peter DuBois is set to direct the play. 

We know Amber mostly for her role on the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, as well as all her political feminist activism, so we’re looking forward to seeing her set her talents in a different direction. We have no doubt the play will be awesome. We’re snagging our tickets ASAP!