Amber Tamblyn gets real about breastfeeding and being a new mom

Stars, they’re just like us! With this in mind, it makes sense why childrearing isn’t any more glamorous as a Hollywood celeb. To prove that point, Amber Tamblyn gets real about breastfeeding and being a new mom. Although being in movies is super cool, it doesn’t stop women from experiencing breasts that leak milk.

Amber Tamblyn welcomed her beautiful baby daughter with husband David Cross over a week ago. Besides telling everyone what they might have named her, Amber has been sharing her own journey as a new mom. With the glitz and glamour of Hollywood stripped away, the outspoken actress gives us a glimpse at reality.

In addition to being overjoyed by her daughter’s existence, Amber experienced her breasts leaking milk. It’s a super common occurrence that plagues all new moms. You can try to avoid it by breastfeeding often, or by using a breast pump in between your child’s meals. But if you happen to leak, Amber is here to tell you that’s totally OK.

Furthermore, Amber fights the stigma surrounding breastfeeding by posting a photo of her stained gray shirt. Sure, it might not be as glamorous as other photos, but it’s real! Not only is Amber strong and fearless herself, she’s inspiring other women not to feel ashamed.

Generally speaking, the less women are afraid of sharing “embarrassing” parts of themselves, the less power those exact things will have.  By showing off your “imperfections,” you lessen the stigma around those topics and make it okay for other to be themselves. Amber’s Instagram photo is exactly what we needed this week.

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