Amber Tamblyn posts first photo of baby Marlow, and we’re squealing

Spring is the time for that new new, and that doesn’t exclude babies. Whether it’s baby plants, baby animals, or baby humans, spring is practically begging us to start or care for something new. Actress Amber Tamblyn’s first photo of her baby Marlow is here, proving that baby fever is here, and we’re ready. Amber, along with her husband, comedian David Cross, welcomed baby Marlow Alice earlier this year, and we’re so excited to finally see what she looks like. The baby looks content in the photo, with her sweet hair curling ever so slightly in a mountain of baby fuzz. And as nearly all babies do, this one appears to be squishy with a little head that’s begging to be smelled.

In the photo, Amber pointed out that her daughter’s payos (the Hebrew word for curls near the temple) are growing nicely. She also let all of us know that Marlow loves us, which is quite touching! Hubby David said that Marlow looks like “a 55-year-old furrier from Crown Heights,” which is a pretty hilarious comparison.

David also posted a photo of mom and baby, bundled up in preparation for the snow! While Amber looks warm enough in her beanie, Marlow is wrapped “a la cabbage” which doesn’t really look too bad either. For now, we only have these two photos to enjoy. But we’re crossing our fingers for more photos of Marlow, and plenty of family photos to come.