Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa dressed up as Batgirl and Batman for their son’s birthday party, are #familygoals

Some kids are born into lucky situations: Will Ferrell’s three sons (do they ever stop laughing?), Walt Disney’s kids (who had a secret apartment on Disneyland grounds so they wouldn’t have to leave to come back the next day), and now added to the list: Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa’s son Sebastian, who had both Batgirl and Batman show up to his fourth birthday party.

Well, kinda: Sebastian’s mom and dad dressed up as the famous all-black duo, but when your mom is bombshell Amber Rose, we don’t think anyone’s complaining that it wasn’t the real Batgirl filling out that smooth latex. This kid’s birthday rivaled most of the big blowout backyard weddings we’ve been too, and that’s saying a lot.

Co-parenting can be hard, but maybe not for Batparents.

Khalifa and Rose, who are divorced, made headlines last week when they shared a very public smooch at a pre-Grammys party. Amber later explained on Instagram that while they are not together, she had just gone through an amicable but tough breakup (with Dancing with the Stars‘ Val Chmerkovskiy, with whom she was partners with on the show) and Wiz was, and always has been, there for her. They share a son and make one beautiful family, regardless of their togetherness status. We support couples making it work for their kids (and for them!). And if that means the occasional red-carpet-kiss and couple’s costume, we say go for it.

Sebastian (aka, Bash or Pumpkin, if you’re his momma) dug into a gigantic layer cake, danced with little friends to Pharrell, bounced in a bounce house and, we’re guessing, got some majorly impressive presents. Amber shared a few videos on Instagram that also subtly showed off her party-friendly backyard. Can we come over? Please?

Also in attendance? Bash’s best bud King Cairo, also four, the son of Amber’s ride-or-die bestie, Blac Chyna. While reports say Chyna was sans engagement ring, she was also at a kid’s party with a bounce house, and we can see how a rock that size may not be the easiest thing to bounce around and chase a kid with. Just saying.

Happy Birthday, Bash! We look forward to watching this cool kid grow …and to scope out more of these insane parties. Who knew Amber was such a party planner?

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