Amber Rose made a video speaking out about the tampon tax, because periods are not a luxury

Amber Rose has tackled yet another issue facing people in today’s society: the tampon tax. In a new PSA from Period Equity, Amber Rose models a 18-karat gold necklace covered in a total of 156 diamonds. But the ad isn’t about diamonds or gold. Rose, who spearheaded her own SlutWalk event, uses the PSA to satirize the ludicrous nature of tampons being classified as a luxury item.

Inside the luxurious necklace is something unexpected: a tampon.

"Where else would you keep something 36 states tax like a luxury?" the narration asks.

The video is titled “Periods are not a luxury. Period.”

Period Equity, the makers of the PSA, aim to advance menstrual access, equity, and safety in the United States. A total of 36 states collect taxes for menstrual products under the assumption that these items are luxuries, not necessities. Period Equity is fighting to make menstrual products tax free.

"The fact that most states still view tampons as a ‘luxury’ is another example of the gender inequality in this country that both the SlutWalk and OPENed Women’s Conference aim to combat. What I love about this campaign is its sarcastic, unedited realness," Rose told Refinery29 in an interview.

Although some states have ended the tax, people in other states are still fighting.

“It’s real important for people to understand that it is not a luxury to use a tampon. It’s a necessity, Rose told Newsweek in another interview. “I have a lot of guys who work for me. I tell them what it’s like to have cramps, and they all cringe. I’m like, dude, we go through this every month, forever!

So go ahead, sign the petition, and “tell the government where to stick this tax!”

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