Amber Rose looks like an entirely different person in her latest Instagram pic

You’re probably used to seeing Amber Rose like this:

Or this:

Maybe even with a few designs in her sexy buzzcut.

But most recently, she’s serving up a whole new look thats dripping with ’60s glam and totally giving off that Sandra Dee from Grease vibe. Ya know, at the end when she has a total glow-up!

Could this be for a upcoming shoot? Or is it just another fab day in the life of MUVA?

One thing’s for sure, Amber is a chameleon. If you thought she could only serve up the platinum blonde buzz cut, think again.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane…

There was the ice blonde bob with bangs.

The ’90s-esque slicked back situation.

Her blue period.

The time she rocked those bombshell curls.

And her brief stint as a redhead.

But Muva, have you found a look you can’t absolutely SLAY in?