Amber Rose just gave us the Khaleesi/Khal Drogo wedding dance we’ve always wanted on DWTS

On Monday night’s Dancing with the Stars, Amber Rose did her best Daenerys Targaryen cosplay,and the talk show host, model, and actor  actually pulls off a pretty convincing Khaleesi, if you can believe it. Rose was joined by Maksim Chmerkovskiy as Khal Drogo. He’s no Jason Momoa, but he still looks great in a glued-on beard, sans shirt and inked up with a bunch of fake tats.

In this Viennese Waltz set in a firey Westeros, Amber Rose looks smoking in her Khaleesi costume and platinum bun. Why doesn’t she always have that hair? It looks so good on her!

Unfortunately, the Dothraki Khals only scored 24 out of 40. One can ride a mother of dragons’ coattails only so far, apparently. And when you’re up against competition like Former Governor and Presidential Candidate Rick Perry, disgraced swimmer Ryan Lochte and ‘90s hiphop phenom Vanilla Ice, you better step up your game.

That hair though! Just look:

So gorge.

Amber is loving being on the show, telling Access Hollywood that she’s having a blast and wants to be on the show forever. Cool but Amber, we beg you: braids forever. Please.

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