Amber Rose Says She’s Happy Being Single Forever As Her Ex’s Romance With Cher Heats Up

"Like I wanna be single for the rest of my life," Amber Rose said of her experience dating men.

Amber Rose is enjoying her single girl era and doesn’t foresee it ending anytime soon.

On Wednesday’s episode of the Sofia with an F podcast, Rose revealed she’s happily removing herself from the dating pool due to the market’s incredibly low inventory of high-quality men. In her exact words: “It’s worse than ever!”

The news comes a little over a year after her public breakup from ex-boyfriend and music executive Alexander “AE” Edwards, whom she claimed cheated on her with a dozen women. (AE later confirmed these rumors to be true in an Instagram Live with SiriusXM host Big Von.) The two share a 3-year-old son named Slash Electric Alexander Edwards.

On dating men as a single 39-year-old mom of two, Rose told podcast host Sofia Franklyn: “They’re f***ing gross. Like I wanna be single for the rest of my life.”

“They’re pretty disgusting out here,” the model continued about the dating pool. She also declared that she isn’t interested in pursuing casual flings. “I don’t want to share my house or my life with anyone. I don’t want anyone around my kids. I don’t want to have sex … It’s so gross. I don’t want it.”

The actress has been in several high-profile relationships over the years, most notably, her short-lived marriage to Whiz Khalifa. She and the rapper tied the knot in 2013 and divorced the following year. They share son Sebastian Taylor Thomaz.

After the divorce, Rose briefly dated rapper 21 Savage in 2017.

Prior to 21 Savage and Khalifa, Rose was getting hot and heavy with Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband, Kanye West, who faced a global cancellation of his own in 2022. Rose and West dated from 2008 to 2010.

Rose told Franklyn she hasn’t, however, ruled out the possibility of being romantically involved with women. For right now though, she’s more than fine “being by myself.”

“I’m very happy to not be in my bed with anyone,” Rose said.

As Rose retreats from the dating scene, her ex AE is possibly one step closer to saying “I do” to his new lover — wait for it, drumroll please — Cher!

AE has been romantically linked to Cher since November 2022, but recently made headlines when the “Believe” singer posted a snap of a glistening, pear-shaped diamond ring on Twitter. Neither individual has confirmed whether or not the jewelry was in fact an engagement piece, but Cher has spoken out about their 40-year age gap.

“On paper, it’s kind of ridiculous,” Cher said of their coupling, during an appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show. “But in real life, we get along great. He’s fabulous. And I don’t give men qualities that they don’t deserve.”

“He’s very kind, very smart, he’s very talented, and he’s really funny,” she continued. “And I think he’s quite handsome.”

Apart from her swimmingly smooth romantic life, Cher can’t say the same about other areas of her life. Recently, the singer and her ’80s arch nemesis, Madonna, have been back in the news.

A compilation of old clips of Cher slamming Madonna has accrued more than 165K views on TikTok, during which she calls the “Holiday” singer “mean” and the “C” word.

“I remember having her over a couple of times because Sean [Penn] and I were friends, and she was just so rude to everybody,” Cher recalls in the old interview clip. “It seems to me that she’s got so much that she doesn’t have to act the way that she acts, like a spoiled brat all the time.”

“It seems to me when you reach the kind of acclaim that she’s reached, and can do whatever you want to do, you should be a little more magnanimous and a little bit less of a c***,” she adds.

While Cher goes on to praise Madonna’s performing abilities, it’s her attitude and demeanor toward others that she alludes could use a little fine-tuning.

These clips, of course, are old, and may have been sparked by Madonna’s recent success. The singer recently announced she’ll be going back on tour with “The Celebration Tour, which kicks off in Vancouver, Canada, in July. Tickets sold out within minutes of her announcement, prompting Madonna to add even more dates to the calendar.

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