Amber Rose posted an incredibly relatable video of her cellulite and stretch marks

In this world of perfectly-curated Insta accounts and photoshopped cover shoots, it can be easy to forget that all our curves, scars, bumps, lumps, and “imperfections” are not only perfectly healthy, but beautiful and the norm. Which is why we’re so glad that Amber Rose just posted a video of her cellulite and stretch marks.

The model and rapper posted the pic to her Instagram account yesterday, and it featured her poolside in a black one-piece swimsuit. She first shows us her face, only to pan down with the camera to reveal her thighs and hips. It’s honestly the perfect way to start the week (and impending bathing suit season!).

"Trappin #cellulite#stretchmarks 😍"

GO GIRL! We are all about this casually body-positive post. Because it reminds us that even the seemingly “flawless” images we see on magazine covers and red carpets are not, in fact, representative of real life, and that we all have “#cellulite” and “#stretchmarks.” And as seemingly insignificant as this information may seem, it actually goes a long way in shining a light on unrealistic body standards.

To that we say:

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This is in no way the first time Rose has opened up about body positivity. She frequently makes her views known on embracing our bodies (and our sexuality), and is extremely outspoken about “slut-shaming” in our culture (aka, when men are encouraged to being sexually promiscuous, and when women are judged for it).

We’re incredibly glad to get this boost of body-positivity on this Monday morning. So, as always, thank you, Amber! Never stop being you!

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