Amber Rose asks her Instagram followers for advice on getting breast reduction surgery

One of our all-time favorite models, actresses, and social media mavericks Amber Rose shared her thoughts on breast reduction surgery in a recent post on Instagram. In her post, the Rose asked her followers for their thoughts on breast reduction surgery, anecdotes, and confessions about their feelings and experiences after the procedure. Plus, general information.

While Rose didn’t make it clear whether she’ll go through with the procedure, she did share that her back-pain has been making life harder and that she’s considering her options. Rose certainly isn’t alone in that feeling — a study from the U.S. National Library of Medicine showed a strong correlation between increased neck, back, and spine pain in women with breasts over a D-cup.

Rose also asked followers if they retained scars from breast reduction surgeries, and whether that affected their self-esteem.

According to WebMD, breast scarring is unavoidable right after surgery. Some women’s scars fade after years but rarely do they completely disappear.

If Rose decides to go through with the surgery, she’ll be in the company of many great women. Just last year, the beloved actress Ariel Winter opened up about her breast reduction surgery. For Winter, the decision was fully empowering and positive, and she has no qualms about owning her scars.

We fully support Amber Rose in whatever decision she makes.

It’s her body and she should feel comfortable and free.

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