It’s totally inspiring the way Amber Riley is embracing her natural hair

We’ve loved Amber Riley‘s personal style ever since we first spotted her on Glee. She rocks her look with confidence and she’s bringing that same mentality to her hair. On Monday, Amber took to Twitter to document a “defining moment” in her hair journey, and it’s so inspiring for anyone struggling to accept themselves for exactly who they are. false

Applying relaxer helps chemically straighten hair and is often used by people with tight curls, especially black women. However, it can be a process, and Amber has instead decided to embrace her hair the way it is. false

Now, Amber sees the beauty and power in her natural hair, maintaining a similar ritual except using a product that nourishes her hair, rather than changes it. false

Such a small moment was inspiring not just for Amber, but also her followers. Some responded agreeing with the actress, singing the praises of natural hair, while others confessed that they were still waiting to get to that point — and that’s okay! Becoming confident in who you are can sometimes be a lifetime process. What’s important is that you’re only making the choices that make you comfortable and understanding that there’s value in everyone’s decisions.

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