We’re so impressed with this video of Amber Heard practicing an “Aquaman” fight scene

We’re getting more and more excited for this movie to come out! Footage of Amber Heard practicing an Aquaman fight scene was released on the actresses’ Instagram, and we definitely know why Heard decided to share it. It’s pretty awesome.

Heard will be starring in the film as Mera, Queen of Atlantis. Not only is Heard’s character expected to be in Aquaman, but she’ll be making an appearance in Justice League, which is set to be released this November. As far as Aquaman goes, we’ll have to wait a little bit longer for that — the film, starring  Jason Momoa as the lead, is currently set to be released in December 2018. Khal Drogo in a lead role? Oh yes. We’ll be waiting.

After checking out this video, it’s obvious that Heard was a good choice for the role.

Even better, Heard has a good sense of humor about her part.

"Another day at the office," Heard captioned the video.

So, a minor spoiler: Heard’s character will be flipping a lot of dudes in Aquaman. We’re looking forward to seeing it on the big screen.

While it seems like she won’t have as big of a role in Justice League, you can still see Heard a bit in the first official trailer, which came out at the end of March.


Between the trailer and the Instagram video, one thing’s for sure — we’re pretty inspired to renew our gym memberships.

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