Amber Heard wore her pants purposefully unzipped — is this a new thing?

There isn’t a soul among us who doesn’t revel in that moment when you first get home from work and can unzip your pants to let that gut out (no shame, it’s literally all of us). This is why we are confused and oddly smitten by these pics of Amber Heard with her pants purposefully unzipped. Did she just have a burrito and is done sucking it in to fit in her skinny pants? Are the pants too tight to begin with? Or is this look an incarnate of the ’90s one-overall-strap-left-undone trend?

Whatever the reason, we have questions. Most importantly, can anybody rock this without it looking like a mistake, and can we steal this move for that one week per month where belly bloat locks us out of half of our jeans? ANSWERS! WE NEED ‘EM!

Amber Heard somehow pulled off the “I-ate-too-much-pasta-and-no-roommates-are-home” open-fly look in public and we salute her.

The white tee, black pants and leather bag are as cool-girl as it gets. It’s the red lip that suggests “yes, I had time to line and fill my lips, but not to zip up.” It’s a rebellious move, and we’re kinda behind it. You do YOU, Amber.

Amber has made news recently after she announced that she’d be donating $350,000 to the American Civil Liberties Union (the powerful and super relevant ACLU) only three days after coming into $7 million via a settlement deal with ex-husband Johnny Depp. When you’re a star in your own right who’s making your own bank left and right (she’s in this year’s highly anticipated Justice League film as well as next year’s big Aquaman) who says Amber shouldn’t pay it forward with a hefty donation to a perfectly respectable cause? We’re proud of her for doing something huge and selfless in a time of troubling current events.

But back to the pants. It’s a chill look, when you think about it. In an era where we so appreciated a good head of bedhead, “no makeup-makeup” and the holey, tattered t-shirt (ahem, thanks, Kanye), maybe the undone fly is the next big thing in effortless-looking fashion. Only one way to find out! *unziiiip!* Ahhhhhhh. We’re feeling cooler already.

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