Amber Heard drew Cara Delevingne’s newest tattoo, and it’s elegantly badass

Cara Delevingne is generally seen as one of the most fearless celebs around, from her carefree style to her place as one of the most outspoken women on the catwalk. And now Delevingne is sporting some new ink — brought to us by her bestie, Amber Heard. Heard’s tattoo design of choice? A snake.

Delevingne and Heard were spotted at the famed Los Angeles tattoo hotspot, the Shamrock Social Club, where Delevingne left with a serpent tattoo on her wrist. While Heard was responsible for the design, tattoo-artist Dr. Woo, a celebrity favorite, completed the design, which is STUNNING.

Check out Delevingne’s new tattoo below:

Delevingne has a pretty detailed for her love of tattoos. The model and actress reportedly has over twenty tattoos, most notably a lion’s head on her pointer finger and “BACON” on her foot.

Additionally, Delevingne is no stranger to having friends assist her with her ink. Last year, Delevingne and Suicide Squad co-star Margot Robbie tattooed smiley-faces on the bottoms of their feet.

Last year, tattoo artist and frequent Delevingne collaborator, Bang Bang, spoke with Nylon about his first Delevingne tattoo, the famous lion on her pointer finger. He said,  “I didn’t overthink the lion any more or less than any other work I’ve done, but I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say that lion tattoo turned out to be the most iconic tattoo in the world. I’ve seen it in ads, on magazine covers…it’s incredible how many people know this tattoo. This girl is everything.”

We love how Cara gets her friends involved in her tattoo process. No matter what she gets, it always looks amazing.