Apparently Amazon may become our cheap lingerie go-to, so get ready to revamp your underwear drawer

Underwear lovers, prepare to freak out, because it’s looking like Amazon may be launching its own super cheap lingerie. According to Refinery29, Amazon will offer super cheap bras, making the gigantic retailer our new go-to for all things inexpensive, lingerie included. Not like we need more lingerie, but if you give us the opportunity, we can’t say we wouldn’t take you up on it!

We don’t know about you, but we spend way, way too much on lingerie. We can’t help it! Nothing makes us feel quite like we’re slaying the adulting game quite like a drawer (or, okay, two or three drawers) basically overflowing with gorgeous bras and undies. It just feels like such a glamorous, grown up thing to do. And if it’s as cheap as reports are saying, Amazon’s lingerie may become a must-try.

According to reports from The Wall Street Journal, Amazon tested out its lingerie line in Europe under the brand name Iris & Lilly, and soon it’ll be heading to the U.S.

 The simple fact that bras are expected to sell for under $10 is making us way, way excited for this new endeavor.

There’s only one problem: people tend to wanna actually check out their lingerie in person before they buy.

Lingerie consultant Kimmay Caldwell told the The Wall Street Journal,

"Because it's so close to your skin, women want to be able to touch the product to see if the material feels good."

While we’ve grown used to buying our lingerie in person, we’re pretty curious about what this whole Amazon lingerie-situation will be like. Will Amazon’s lingerie be mostly basics, or will it be all about chic, ~scandalous~ lacy items? We want all the details! Either way, though, we’re always down to save money. After all, the cheaper the lingerie, the more we can buy, right?

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