Here’s what you need to know about Amazon’s Digital Day this Friday — because it’s kind of the new cyber Monday

Is it possible to ever get sick of shopping?! Well if you didn’t catch Black Friday or any Cyber Monday sales Amazon’s Digital Day is this week. You may be wondering what exactly that is, but don’t fret of course we have got you covered!

According to Variety, Amazon wanted to gift their consumers by offering a sales event for all of its digital products. This Friday the brand will be hosting its first-ever Digital Day where they will be discounting more than a thousand movies, TV shows, music albums, games and other digital items. Included are specific subscription plans for video services, and also discounts for some of Amazon’s content subscriptions.

Although Amazon is marketing this as “the deal event for your devices” they aren’t the only online retailer that have discounted digital media this time of the year. Walmart’s owned Vudu also ran an end of the year sale with discounts on more than 800 movies.

According to Tech Crunch, although this is going to be a big event for the company, they predict that it won’t pull in the same numbers that Prime Day did. But it will probably produce a big jump for end of the year Amazon sales.

"Digital Day, of course, isn’t the first time that Amazon has targeted holiday shoppers with digital content deals. But in the past, these deals were launched ahead of Christmas and would end shortly after customers unwrapped their new gifts. This is the first time the retailer has ever offered a single day of more than 1,000 deals on its site, and the first time it has branded the shopping event as “Digital Day."

If you’re interested you can sign up on the landing page for a reminder of the event’s launch! Digital Day will only operate for 24 hours on December 30th.

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