Amazon’s terms and conditions have a zombie apocalypse clause, just in case

Better safe than sorry is the conventional wisdom, and Amazon has really taken that to heart. Earlier this week the company released their newest open-source 3D engine, called Lumberyard, for building cloud-powered games. It’s a free tool to help creators build and develop their games and, like anything we buy or use on the Internet, it comes with some terms and conditions.

Sure, terms and conditions are one of those things we often skim over (or ignore completely) before pressing “accept” and moving on with our lives, however, looks like we could be missing out on some real gems. The release of Lumberyard prompted an update in the AWS service terms, and number 57.1 might catch you a bit off-guard (emphasis ours):

Sure, we’re all laughing at this now, but when the time comes when we need to figure out a way to stave off the approaching zombie invasion, we’ll know exactly where to turn to get our tools. Let’s just hope the zombies aren’t members of Prime.

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