Amazon has its own snacks, so goodbye forever, grocery store

We’ve become so reliant on Amazon to fulfill all of our needs we barely even go to the store for basic things like toothpaste and floss these days. What’s the point when you can just order it all online, sometimes for cheaper than what you would find in the grocery store? If you’re anywhere near as addicted to Amazon as we are, we have some groundbreaking news for you. Amazon has just released their own line of snacks.

Meet Wickedly Prime, a line of nosh that’s still quite new to Amazon but is likely growing by the minute. There are only six different Wickedly Prime products at the moment: Organic Blue Corn Tortilla Chips, Organic Tortilla Chips, Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips, Sweet ‘n’ Cheesy Popcorn Mix, Soft Shell Almonds, and Crispy Chocolate Cookies. That’s plenty to keep us satisfied for the time being.


We plan to introduce Wickedly Prime to our trusty buddy Netflix. We’re sure they’ll become dear friends. At the moment, Wickedly Prime products are only available to Amazon Prime customers, so if you’re not signed up yet for Prime, let this be the final push to finally create an account.


Who needs Chips Ahoy! when you have crispy chocolate chip cookies delivered right to your doorstep for the low price of $4.99?  These cookies aren’t just your run-of-the-mill snacks, either. They’re made with three different kinds of chocolate: dark, Belgian, and milk. Triple the goodness.

Now’s the time, friends. Sign up for Amazon Prime if your mouth is watering for these delights, and remember that you can save 15 percent on your purchases when you use the Subscribe and Save feature. Thank you, Amazon, for changing our lives for the better.

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