You Can Now Watch Amazon Prime Shows and Movies With 99 of Your Closest Friends

You and 99 of your closest friends can now watch shows and movies together—from 100 different places, that is. With the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic still very much ongoing, virtual hangouts are here to stay, and Amazon Prime Video just joined a recent streaming trend to offer another way to stay connected while socially distancing. The streaming platform is rolling its new “Watch Party” feature, in which up to 100 people can watch a show or movie together in one virtual room.

The feature is available to all U.S. Prime members via desktop browser—excluding Safari—and it’s super easy to use. If you’ve tried the Netflix Party Chrome extension, then you already know the ropes. To host your own Prime Video Watch Party, just select a show or movie to watch, click the “Watch Party” button, create the party, then copy the link and send it to all your friends (who live within the country).

During the stream, the host controls synchronized playback and can play, pause, or go back to a specific timestamp—in case someone happens to spot a rogue coffee cup or water bottle in the scene or if you want to catch that John Krasinski shirtless moment in Jack Ryan again.

While watching via Watch Party, you can chat with the other viewers on the right side of the screen.

So, for example, you could talk about how hot the priest in Fleabag is, gawk over Janelle Monáe’s many talents while you watch her star in Homecoming, LOL at Mindy Kaling in Late Night, or, if you’re at a loss for words, simply send one of the 16 corgi gifs that Amazon has provided in the chat.

The Watch Party feature isn’t available, however, for movies or shows that you have to buy or rent. So, you and your friends will have to watch Rose Byrne in her new film Irresistible separately, and then share notes later. Start watching, and partying, on Amazon Prime Video now.

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