You can get an Amazon Prime account for super cheap this weekend —here’s how

I’m a big advocate for Amazon Prime. It’s not just the free and incredibly fast shipping — although that certainly comes in handy when I’m ordering very necessary things like nail polish and body glitter — it’s the huge Prime Video database, the huge Prime Music database, and the cheap-y cheap add-on subscriptions for premium channels like Starz (hello, Outlander) and Showtime (hello, Shameless) that keep me renewing my subscription year after year. For all you Amazon Prime neophytes, though, I have some killer news: You can get an Amazon Prime account for super cheap this weekend. Interested?

Please. I know you are.

In celebration of its two Golden Globe wins for the inexplicably addictive original series Mozart in the Jungle, Amazon will drop the price of its Prime subscription from $99 to $73 — but only for a very limited time. The sale will begin at 9 PM PT on Friday, January 15th (today!) and continue until 11:59 PM PT on Sunday, January 17th. Right here. That’s $26 you’re saving! That’s, like, 1.5 Seamless orders! Or a manicure! Or whatever it is that you’re into if neither of those things are appealing, I don’t know your life!

Why $73, specifically? An homage to the 73rd Golden Globes. Ugh. So cute.

This is not the first time that Amazon has built a clever marketing ploy off winning stuff. Last year, they had a one-day Prime sale, with the subscription marked all the way down $67, to commemorate their first-ever Primetime Emmy wins (for Transparent) and yeah, you guessed it, it was 67th Emmy Awards.

Amazon seems really amped up about this year’s wins, though, so in addition to the Prime sale, they also have all of Mozart in the Jungle streaming for free at this link right here. In case you wanted to spend your weekend binge-watching very tiny and very hot Gael Garcia Bernal play a very eccentric orchestra conductor or something. Seems like a meaningful use of time to me.

(Images via Giphy/NBC; Shutterstock)