Amazon is here to help us make ordering pizza basically effortless

What if all you had to do was say “I want a pizza,” and a pizza magically appeared? No baking, no mess, no calling a pizza place, no frozen pizza *shudders* required.

If this is your kind of dinner, you’ll love this news. Amazon has partnered up with Dominos so that this scenario can happen IRL.

This new method of procuring delicious pizza requires you to purchase one of Amazon’s Echo devices. But after that is said and done, and you’ve got it set up and in your kitchen/living room/wherever, ordering a pizza will be a snap.

Dominos is clearly on a push to make ordering a pizza as easy as possible. You can already tweet your order to them, and now with the help of the Echo, one can be ordered after a quick voice command. You’ll need to set up an official pizza account with Dominos, and pay close attention to your Easy Order. That’s the default pizza you’ll get when ordering via the Echo (or, Twitter), so if you want a lot of cheese, be sure to specific that ahead of time.

When it comes time to order, you’ve just got to tell your Echo, “place my Easy Order,” and the device will do it for you. You’ll also be able to track your order through the Echo, so you know exactly when dinner will arrive. Everything about this is perfect, because it requires bare minimum effort, and in the end, you get a pizza! Guys, the future is now.