Amazon’s new Package X-Ray is going to change holiday shopping in the best way

Tell your parents that you won’t break any gifts this holiday season by shaking them to guess what’s inside. Amazon has a new app feature called “Package X-Ray” that prevents snooping! Okay, it doesn’t really work that way, but that’s a million dollar idea right there.

The company updated its iPhone app with a new feature that uses the phone’s camera to tell you what’s inside your packages without opening them.

Amazon’s new Package X-Ray feature uses your iPhone’s camera to scan the barcode on the package. Then, the app will show which of your orders are inside.

So, you have to be the buyer for this to work. But, log in to dad’s Amazon account, grab his password, download the app, and then be the first one at the door when the UPS person shows, and you’re golden.

If, you know, you’re into that sort of snooping.

You have to have the latest version of Amazon’s iOS app, and then simply tap the camera icon next to the search bar and select “Package X-Ray.”

It’s not yet available on Android – sorry, non-Apple Sheeples.

Note: Package X-Ray does not work on Aunt Clara’s handwrapped masterpieces.

As Amazon prepares for Black Friday, shoppers can breathe of sigh of relief knowing they’ll be able to keep track of all your orders as soon as they arrive with this super cool Package X-Ray app.

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